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May 11, 2016 by: Ted

Wild Fires in the Woods

Wild Fires in the Woods

Dry Conditions in the North Woods- It is Wild Fire Season. There has been several incident of wild fires the past few weeks. There was fires around Hoyt Lakes on the Range. Another fire was near Finland, not to far south of us.. According to the Minnesota Incident Command these fires are close to being contained. The Incident Command is a great source of fire information during the wildfire season so you might want to take note of this source.

Right now the weather is a bit cooler but the fire conditions on the Gunflint are still high and this is a big problem during this time of year with all the dry grasses. Remember the Ham Lake Fire started just a few days before today's date under the same kind of dry conditions we have now. Of course, now just like two days before the Ham Lake Fire the USFS stated that campfires were then (and now) allowed.

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