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June 7, 2016 by: Ted

A Great Gunflint Trail Event for the whole Family

A Great Gunflint Trail Event for the whole Family

CC = GTVFD Community Center PA = Waterfront Picnic Area

Saturday June 11th – Expo Hours 9am – 6pm and Sunday June 12 Expo Hours 10am -4pm


Seagull Lake Public Landing- Gunflint


CC = GTVFD Community Center PA = Waterfront Picnic Area

Saturday June 11th – Expo Hours 9am – 6pm

Lodging available at Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B and Lake Cabin- 800-322-8327
9am –Saturday- Expo Opens!


Text Box: 9:30 am
The Long Solo Trip |
Bears Paulsen
At the age of twenty-four Bear was laid off from his first full-time job. Instead of feeling disappointed, he went canoeing. He left from the Little Indian Sioux River and wandered
through Ontario and into Manitoba before returning to the BWCA four-and-a-half months later. His journey led him to places that he
had previously visited with his father on fishing trips in Ontario. He also explored both Woodland Caribou and Atikaki Provincial Parks.
Birding in the Boundary Waters | Sue Plankis
For five years Sue has led extraordinary canoe camping birding seminars in the Boundary Waters. This will be an early morning walking field trip in search of the many breeding species of birds native to the Boundary Waters. Her keen ear, uncanny spotting ability and knowledge of bird habitats will lift a curtain for participants to the bird world of the Boundary Waters. If possible, participants should bring binoculars. Limited to 12 adults.

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Save the Boundary Waters | Ingrid Lyons
The Save the Boundary Waters Campaign northeast regional organizer Ingrid Lyons will give a talk on the Campaign, covering basics like what the Twin Metals project is and how it threatens the BWCA as well as wilderness edge communities such as Grand Marais. She will go into the science and economics of the issue, as well as let folks know how they can help in this effort.


Packing and Portaging |
Cliff Jacobson
Learn how to easily waterproof your gear and pack efficiently for a Boundary Waters canoe trip. Probe the pros and cons of various packs and wanigans (dry boxes) and learn how each is best utilized on a canoe trip. Adventurous participants may try double-packing a heavy load with a tumpline. We’ll check out packs, procedures, portage yokes, canoe tumplines and canoe lift-and-carry procedures.
Cliff will also be providing personal canoe instruction during the entire event.

Text Box: 12:00 pm

Canadian Style Paddling Demonstration | Sue Plankis
Sue will perform and on-the-water demonstration of style canoeing. Canadian Style and American Freestyle canoeing are forms of paddling that, though a variety of paddle strokes, create astonishing canoe dances on the water.

Text Box: 1:15 pm
Tips from 1,000 Trips |
Rob Kesselring
Canoe camping tips and secrets gleaned from decades of wilderness travels in The Boundary Waters, Quetico, the arctic and the desert Southwest. Planning, packing, canoe choice, paddling techniques, gear, safety, navigation, dehydrating meat, cook kits, campsite selection, weather, bears, essential knots, cooking, and group dynamics,
An entertaining, information-packed session from one of the most experienced canoe guides in North America.

Text Box: 2:45 pm
The Rediscover North America Expedition |
Adam Trigg
How do you even begin to think about canoeing from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean? Well, this massive canoe trip had its origins on the Hudson Bay in 2012, when Winchell Delano and three others finished a 2600-mile canoe expedition across Canada’s Northern Territories. At that moment, the feeling of accomplishment seemed outweighed by something else. He wasn’t sure what. But, by the time that he returned to work in November of 2012, it was pretty clear. The journey wasn’t over yet – it was just on hold. Something bigger was brewing. On a flight from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, Winchell and Adam Trigg started to talk about future canoe trips across Canada. Adam joked aloud: “We could just start in the Gulf and paddle up the Mississippi …” They both laughed, but at the same time loved the idea, because it seemed to perfectly juxtapose nature and culture, the wilds of Canada and the more densely populated United States. The result? Six guys paddled 245 days through twelve states, three provinces and two territories by way of sixteen rivers to cover a total of 5,230 miles across the US and Canada. The best part? The people we met and kindness we were shown.

Build your own BWCA Canoe | St. Croix Canoes
Have you ever wanted to build a cedar-strip canoe? Don’t know how to get started? Worried that it’s too hard? Visit with the guys from St. Croix Canoes. We will share tips, tricks, and some lessons learned. See the various methods described in the well-known “how-to” books on canoe building. You can see some of the tools and techniques to give you the confidence to build it yourself.

When Mishaps Happen: Wilderness First Aid Tips & Techniques |
Paul and Kelly Dahl
What happens when your long anticipated wilderness trip goes wrong with an injury or illness? In this presentation, we will explore some of the common mishaps that occur out on the trail and how to approach such issues in the wilderness setting. Simple tips that can either help prevent or decrease the chance of making a medical issue worse will be covered. We will also discuss wilderness first aid kit items and demonstrate essential first aid techniques.


Text Box: 4:15 pm
Lonnie Dupre
In 2001, Dupre and his teammate John Hoelscher of Australia became the first to circumnavigate Greenland. They traveled the 6,500 miles of rugged island coastline by dog team and kayak.
Lonnie’s multi-media, 50 minute presentation will be about the 3000 plus mile kayak portion of that trip. There will be Q&A afterword.

Moose in the BWCA | US Forest Service
Our moose are one of northern Minnesota’s claims to fame. A Forest Service naturalist will help you learn more about moose life and biology, as well as the concerns about their future in the state in this family oriented presentation.

6pm – Day 1 of the Expo Closes

Text Box: 6:00 pm
Campfire: Storytelling with Q&A | Cliff Jacobson & Friends
This will be an interactive discussion about defining Wilderness: what it means to people that love and visit it, and what it means according to legal definitions. We'll talk about individual interpretations, the language of the Wilderness Act, and how that translates into US Forest Service management of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the experience available to visitors to the area.


Sunday, June 12th – Expo Hours 10am – 4pm

Text Box: 10:30 am
Bear Proofing Your Camp | Cliff Jacobson
Text Box: 12:00 pm
Learn how to protect yourself and your food from bothersome Boundary
Waters bears–“treeing food packs” doesn’t always work! Know how to properly use pepper spray to discourage a bear. Understand the behavioral differences between wild, man-wise and habituated bears. What should you do when you meet a bear on the trail? What precautions can you take to prevent bears (and small animals) from getting your
If you’ve read Cliff’s views on bears in his books, you know he challenges accepted beliefs. Now, research by Stephen Herrero and James Gary Shelton suggest he’s right on track!

Text Box: 10:30 am
Fire Ecology | US Forest Service
Our boreal forest is a fire dependent ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean that all fires are good, or that all fires are bad. Learn about how fire relates to the ecology of our area, how views of fire have evolved through the years, and some firefighting techniques.


Text Box: 4:00 pm
Shrimp Boil & Bake Sale with samples of Rusty Crawfish


Photography in Canoe Country | Radiant Spirit Gallery
Join Gary Fiedler and Dawn LaPointe of Radiant Spirit Gallery for a photo hike near the expo grounds. They’ll share tips for using and protecting camera gear while wilderness tripping, and will lead an informal instructional photo shoot. All cameras and levels of experience are welcome, so bring a camera and instruction manual (if available), and enjoy photographing inspirations in nature.

Dead Fish Polo | Bear Paulsen
What the heck is Dead Fish Polo? Come to this on the water demo and find out. Join in if you dare, but be prepared to get wet.

Text Box: 1:00 pm
Bannock -- the bread of the backcountry |
Rob Kesselring
A hands-on outside demonstration of how to make bannock in the bush. Rob learned how to make bannock when he lived with the Dene first nation people of the far north. Participants will learn how to make it and will taste it. Learn why bannock is the difference between visiting the bush and living in the bush. Cliff Jacobson claims Rob’s bannock is simply the best.

Text Box: 2:30 pm
Paddling Wisdom |
Adam Trigg

You don’t take a 5,230 mile canoe trip without learning a few things. Adam will give pointers on how to make your next canoe trip a success, no matter how long it is.

Schedule of Events
Boundary Waters Expo Hours:
Saturday, June 11 | 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 12 | 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.



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